Specific Defect Reports

Specific Defect ReportsSpecific Defect, Building Defect, Specific Issue, Defect Analysis are all names for the reports that concentrate on individual faults or defects that have been found in a property.

Structural cracking, Subsidence, Dampness and Window Defects are all examples of specific Defects that can be reported on.

Specific Defects Reports are usually required following a Valuation or Home Buyers Survey or a property defect that requires further investigation by a specialist Chartered Building Surveyor.

Poor Workmanship, cowboy builders can also be the focus of a Special Defect Report. The report in these instances would give expert opinion on the disputed Poor Workmanship items needed for your legal advisors.

MGR Associates Specific Defect Reports are less costly than a full Building Survey because the content is more specific.

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A Typical Full Report on a Building Defect will be 275.

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