Dilapidation Surveys

Inspections for Landlords

Dilapidation SurveysFinal Schedules of Dilapidations and Terminal Schedules of Dilapidation claims can be prepared by MGR Associates to serve on the tenant at or near to the end of their lease. This will ensure the tenant has fully complied with all the repair, reinstatement and redecoration obligations in the lease. This will safeguard the landlord’s property asset from depreciation and repair. MGR Associates guarantee a best outcome solution to landlords with dilapidation claims.

Interim Schedules of Dilapidation claims are especially important and often overlooked by landlords. To stop the property asset going into disrepair on long leases, MGR Associates can prepare an Interim Schedule of Dilapidation claim on the tenant. This is especially important on poor covenants that may be at risk of going into administration or as part of an exercise in securing possession.

The cost of preparing Dilapidation Claims is usually recoverable from the tenant via an obligation or covenant in the lease.

The Pre-Action Protocol for Dilapidation (“The Dilapidations Protocol”) establishes the conduct of practices in a Dilapidations Dispute prior to the commencement of legal proceedings. MGR Associates comply with this Protocol to achieve a Best Value Settlement for the landlord quickly and without costly legal proceedings in which there is no winner.

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A typical Schedule of Dilapidations on a small 1000sq ft office would be £550.

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