Condition Surveys

Condition SurveysA Schedule of Condition is a record of the condition of a property taken prior to the signing of a lease for appending and referring to in the lease. It is used to defend and mitigate the level of the Landlords Dilapidation Claim which you can expect to receive at some time in the future, usually at the end of the lease.

Instructing MGR Associates to prepare an Ingoing Schedule of Condition will avoid you facing a substantial claim when the lease expires. It can also be used to highlight defects in the demise and communal areas that can be used to negotiate rent-free periods prior to signing the lease again, saving you money.

Having been involved in many Dilapidations Disputes for both landlord and tenant, MGR Associates with reference to your lease, are able to tailor the Condition Survey to those areas of the lease that will become critical in any future claim. Our policy is to think ahead for possible problems that you may encounter in the future and advise you before itís too late.

Being a Small independent Chartered Building Surveying Company, MGR Associates can accurately prepare the Schedule of Condition at a fraction of the cost of the repairs you may well be liable for at the end of the lease if you had not had a schedule prepared.

For more information on how MGR Associates can help you protect yourself from future Dilapidation Claims at a fraction of the cost of the larger practices, please use the links on this page or use our enquiry service and we will contact you by return.